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Oracle Sharding – A Comprehensive White Paper

Oracle Sharding is a scalability, availability and geo-distribution feature for OLTP applications that enables distribution and replication of data across a pool of Oracle databases that share no hardware or software. Applications elastically scale (data, transactions and concurrent users) to any level, on any platform, simply by adding additional databases (shards) to the pool. Oracle Sharding allows applications to perform high velocity relational transactions.

Oracle Sharding automates the entire lifecycle of a sharded database – deployment, schema creation, data-dependent routing with superior run-time performance, elastic scaling and simpler life-cycle management.

This white paper on Oracle Sharding is intended for Enterprise Architects, Database Architects, Database Administrators, Application Architects and those who are involved in the design and architecture of distributed database systems. In this paper, I cover various aspects of Oracle Sharding – concepts, architecture, capabilities, application requirements, benchmark results, licensing and many more. Read this paper to get answers to many of the questions that you may have on Oracle Sharding.