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GDS Cookbook for Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GDS extends the familiar RAC-Style connect-time and run-time load balancing, service failover and management capabilities – so far applicable only to a single database, to a set of replicated databases, be it within or across data centers. With a newly created concept called Global Service, Oracle GDS framework extends the notion of a database Service to a set of replicas running on a combination of Single Instance, Oracle RAC, Oracle Engineered systems, Active Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate.

I’ve compiled a detailed cookbook that gives a walk through of the deployment and configuration of Global Data Services (GDS) for Oracle GoldenGate based replicated environments.  The cookbook covers:

  • Installation of Global Service Managers
  • Creation of GDS catalog
  • GDS Setup
  • Configuration of global services for the following GDS features: Inter-database global service failover, Connect-time and Run-time load balancing,  and Locality based workload routing

Here is the link to the cookbook: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database-features/database-ee/gds-with-ogg-cookbook-4004663.pdf  . I strongly encourage you to try it out in your lab.

For more info on GDS, do visit GDS OTN Portal