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Oracle Sharding Product Overview

Oracle Sharding is a scale-out relational database architecture where data is horizontally partitioned across multiple discrete databases that share no hardware or software. It provides linear scalability, fault isolation and geographic data distribution for applications designed for a sharded architecture. Checkout this video to learn how Oracle Sharding automates the deployment of sharded databases, supports elastic scaling and automatic rebalancing, direct routing, proxy routing for multi-shard queries. It does all this while rendering strict consistency, full power of SQL, and the proven enterprise qualities of Oracle Database.

AskTOM Office Hours: Oracle Sharding

AskTOM Office Hours offers free, open Q&A sessions with Oracle Database experts. Join me, and other members of the Oracle Sharding team to get your questions about sharding in Oracle Database answered.


When: 2018-02-26   22:00 UTC  – Oracle Sharding Office Hours

Start Times around the world:

UTC 10:00 PM February 26 2018
US/Pacific 02:00 PM February 26 2018
US/Eastern 05:00 PM February 26 2018
Europe/London 10:00 PM February 26 2018
Asia/Calcutta 03:30 AM February 27 2018
Asia/Hong_Kong 06:00 AM February 27 2018
Australia/Sydney 09:00 AM February 27 2018

And here are some general resources for the Office Hours program:

Landing page
Promotional Video

Hope you can join us.