Oracle GDS Licensing

Oracle Global Data Services (GDS) is a feature of Oracle Database 12c that provides connect-time and run-time load balancing, region affinity, replication lag tolerance based workload routing, and enables inter-database service failover across a set of replicas.

Here are the details of how Oracle GDS is licensed.

  • Databases in a GDS configuration:
    • Must be Database Enterprise Edition (EE) +  Licensed for Oracle Active Data Guard Option and/or Oracle GoldenGate
  • GSM Software
    • No separate license is required
  • GDS Catalog Database
    • No Database EE license is required, if this is a schema in an existing repository (e.g. Oracle Enterprise Manager) database
    • No Database EE license is required (same as Oracle RMAN/EM repository license), if hosted as a separate single instance database
    • If Oracle RAC / Data Guard is used, Oracle RAC Option and Database EE license (for the extra nodes and/or standby) is required

For more information on GDS, do visit OTN GDS portal –

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