Can I build a scalable document store application with an Oracle Sharded Database?

Yes, indeed! Starting with Oracle Database 12c Release, Oracle Database provides support for JSON. It can store, manage, and index JSON documents, and it enables rapid schemaless development. Oracle delivers the schemaless development paradigm that many developers want today, but without compromising on core enterprise capabilities. While many NoSQL systems are now recognizing the need for a tabular, structured format for accessing data, and some are even introducing SQL-like languages, Oracle Database delivers the full power of SQL to JSON document stores today, with its advanced SQL analytic capabilities and scalable parallel SQL infrastructure.

Unlike NoSQL databases, Oracle Database provides sophisticated SQL querying and reporting over JSON documents. This lets you integrate JSON and relational data, joining them in the same query. And because JSON features are integrated into Oracle Database 12c, all of its enterprise features for availability, security, scalability, and manageability are fully supported for JSON data. And now, with the advent of Oracle Sharding which naturally supports Oracle JSON, document-oriented databases can be built very easily. The following table illustrates how simple it is to build a system managed sharded table for a document store application.

( CustId   VARCHAR2(60) NOT NULL,
CustProfile CLOB,
CONSTRAINT pk_customers PRIMARY KEY(CustId),
CONSTRAINT cons_json CHECK (CustProfile IS JSON)

The combination of Oracle JSON and Oracle Sharding renders data model flexibility, developer productivity plus the linear scalability of a sharded database.

I plan to do a detailed blog on using Oracle JSON with Oracle Sharding.

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